Austen Estates can help with:

  • Land with or without planning permission
  • Unmodermised or derelict buildings
  • Quick sales or imminent repossessions
  • Probate executor sales
  • Large properties suitable for conversion
  • Properties with short or defective leases
  • Any commercial building or land


Our skills and experience within the industry enable us to act as your agents when acquiring planning for a building project.


Beginning a building project can daunting. We advise on the most suitable options to help you start your next project in the most cost-effective appropriate way.

Outright Purchase

We value the land or buildings on the basis of what is currently existing on the site or what existing planning permission is approved. The advantage of this for owners is a quick sale process with no risk.

Joint Venture

This is a more complex legal agreement whereby the owners supply the land or buildings and sometimes some additional capital investment for the planning and build phase costs and then receive an agreed percentage of the final development once built and sold. The disadvantage of this route for owners is the extended timescale to receive payment and there is no guarantee of planning permission being granted.

Subject to Planning Option Agreement

A legal agreement is entered into between the owners of the land or buildings and Austen Estates, giving Austen Estates exclusive rights to purchase for an agreed length of time for an agreed amount. Once the agreement is in place Austen Estates then pays for all the planning and any appeal costs to secure planning permission to develop the land or buildings. Once planning permission is granted, Austen Estates completes the purchase from the owners and continues to the build phase of development. Option agreements allow the owners to benefit from the uplift in value of development without having to bear any of the costs, however this process can take in excess of 12 months and there is no guarantee of planning permission being granted.


The team at Austen Estates has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development of land and existing buildings. Offering accurate market driven advice, we give a unique insight into what makes a successful, salable and profitable development.


For further information regarding our services or to make contact about your next building project please follow the link provided.